What’s your quest?

What’s the quest that drove you to blog?


I drained the last of my second bottle of cabernet into my wine glass, took a deep breath and clicked on the Publish immediately prompt on my first post twelve months ago. https://authordianemhow.com/2012/03/09/what-now/#like-7
It took every ounce of that liquid encouragement to jump into the unfamiliar blogging world. The yellow paper that sat next to my laptop reminded me of why I should take the plunge.

Here is what it said.
1. Sixty is not too old to learn something new.
2. Twenty-four x seven is too much togetherness for two retirees.
3. Either throw the journals out or do something with them.
4. With thousands of ears out there, surely someone will hear me.
5. Why not?

Here’s what I know today.
1. Sixty-one isn’t too old either. Widgets still elude me, but I’ve learned to add media, change my theme and was Freshly Pressed once. https://authordianemhow.com/2013/01/24/rock-paper-laptop/#like-273
2. Twenty-four x seven is still too much togetherness for two retirees.
3. Some of my journals are worth re-reading and sharing.
4. I’m not alone. The positive affirmation I’ve received gives me encouragement. I’m down to two glasses of wine.
5. Why the heck not!

So what is your story? What passion makes you tap away at the keyboard till early morn?

10 thoughts on “What’s your quest?

  1. Mine started with vodka courage after a heart to heart with my teen. I took myself up on the advice I gave her (when she said that she had a goal of doing something). My advice? “Don’t tell me what you are GOING to do, instead come back to me when you’ve DONE it and share with me the experience”

  2. I started one with my daughter in support of my kids, and then I discovered 2 things. How easy it is to use WordPress. And how addicting it is. There, I’ve said it. I’m a blog addict.

  3. I’m in my late twenties and had the same experience..took about 3 glasses of Cab but I finally did it after sitting with an empty page for almost a year. So glad I’m not alone! Thanks for that post made me feel better 🙂

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