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If you’re looking for short stories that make you chuckle, poems that bring you comfort, and passionate thoughts that give you pause, you’ve come to the right place. Fair warning, I’m a hopeless romantic, an incurable optimist, and I insist on knowing both sides of a story before coming to a conclusion, a fact that often drives my husband of 49 years a little nuts when he’s trying to make a point.

I’m retired , have a remarkable daughter who is engaged to a terrific guy, and love life in the midwest. My daughter and I often weave baskets together. This is my favorite one my daughter made and I’m going to attempt to make one for myself soon.

My husband and I also offer occasional hotel service to our lovable grand dog, Hammie, who by the way, saved my life in one of my fictional stories. Check out my The Finishing Touch blog post if you love dogs.

The first two novels in The Dahlonega Sisters series have been published. These fictional middle-age women live in the quaint historical town that claims the recognition for being the first gold rush in the United States. If you enjoy light-hearted slice of life stories, mystery, and romance, you’ll enjoy getting to know them. The Dahlonega Sisters (2 books) Kindle Edition (amazon.com) They are also available in paperback anywhere books are sold http://TheDahlonegaSisters.com

What’s next? The Dahlonega Sisters, Golden Opportunities. Stay tuned for more in 2021.

I’m also working on Burning Embers, a romantic suspense I wrote it during NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month). Here’s a little glimpse:

Brittany Harbor nearly died in a horrific automobile accident that claimed her father’s life. Skilled surgeons transform her physical appearance to reflect the gorgeous daughter her mother always wanted, yet no one is able to heal the invisible scars that grip her heart. Moving from Manhattan to a remote cabin in Nevada was meant to bring her peace and solitude. Fate has other plans.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you visit often and please, take a few minutes to share your thoughts. I’d love to hear about your writing experiences. Drop me a line at authordianemhow@gmail.com

Diane M How

12 thoughts on “About Author Diane M How

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  3. Hi Diane! My name is Marian and I live in Cumming, GA. I just finished reading The Dahlonega Sisters and enjoyed it so much! I have strong ties to Dahlonega because our daughter and son-in-law live in Dahlonega and own the Giggle Monkey Toy Store! Our daughter said that you have family living in their neighborhood. Also, our daughter and son-in-law and one grandson graduated from the University of North Georgia. I could relate to the stores and restaurants that you mentioned in the book and it was a very cute and heartwarming story! Another connection that we have is that my sister Becky is a writer who lived in St. Peters until recently and I think that you two know each other. It really is a small world! Looking forward to your next book.


    • Thank you, Marian! It is so wonderful to hear from readers. The threads of life that connect us all continuously amaze me. I appreciate your kind words and appreciate you taking the time to share them with me. Becky and I chatted on Facebook about our connections with Dahlonega. My brother and his wife live there and Tammy is part of the same book club as my Sister-in-Law. I believe I have met Tammy a couple times. I’m busy getting my second book, Veins of Gold, ready to send to an editor. Hopefully it will be out in October. Thank you again for your lovely comments. Blessings to you and your family. Diane

  4. I have told my reader friends about The Dahlonega Sisters since we live in Dahlonega. I met you st the Dahlonega Womens Christmas bazaar. I gave your sister some basket supplies. Does she also make baskets for sale? I cannot remember her name. I hope she will get back in touch with me.

    • Hi Loretta!
      I remember our previous communications. My SIL name is Lana Hootselle. I will test her and let her know you have a question for her. I will be back in May for the American Legion Auxiliary of Dahlonega Spring Fling Arts and Crafts show. I imagine you would like the basket made before then. My daughter or I could do it if Lana doesn’t want to.
      Thanks for sharing the word about The Dahlonega Sisters. Always appreciated.

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