About Author Diane How

Blogging is sharing a peek into your heart hoping someone enjoys the visit enough to come back again. While you’re here you’ll find light-hearted humor, tender thoughts and passionate interests.

The best friendships are formed with two way communication, so I hope you take a few minutes to share you feelings on whatever subject is at hand.

Retirement provided me the wonderful opportunity of writing at my pleasure. A number of stories, some that made me laugh, others that made me cry, found their way into a book. Diane How book cover which is available through Amazon.

My current works in progress is Burning Embers. I wrote it during NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) and hope to find a cover for it soon. Here’s a little glimpse:

Brittany Harbor nearly died in a horrific automobile accident that claimed her father’s life. Skilled surgeons transform her physical appearance to reflect the gorgeous daughter her mother always wanted, yet no one is able to heal the invisible scars that grip her heart. Moving from Manhattan to a remote cabin in Nevada was meant to bring her peace and solitude. Fate has other plans.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you visit often.

Diane How


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