Fall is Fading

My mother loved to make our annual trip to the apple orchard.  This time of year brings melancholy moments and today, my thoughts turned to her.  This poem found its way into my collection after one of our visits.  Perhaps another simple soul will enjoy it too.

Here’s to you mom.  You’re always just a thought away.

Memories of Autumn

Leaves painted in gold, slowly drift to the ground

Crisp autumn winds make them dance all around

The apples are ready, wagons stuffed full of hay

The trip to the orchard makes for a wonderful day

Mums bursting in color,Purple, rust and bright yellow

The cider’s been brewing, it’s sweet, warm and mellow

The sun’s warm on my back, fall has made quite a splash

I cherish the moment, it will fade in a flash

4 thoughts on “Fall is Fading

  1. Those were some of my favorite memories. Every fall when the leaves start to change and there’s that cool breeze I think of Apple picking. Nothings better than a few apples right off the tree. I just had hot cider last week. Reminds me thanksgiving at grandmas and everyone drinking some. Such wonderful memories of family.

  2. Oh Diane this poem is so your mother. I think of her often as i go thru my own struggles with my mom now, you were such a rock through all of it and myself craig and the girls admire the role you play in all of our lives .Thanks and love to my sister-in -law Diane How.you mean alot to all of of us.

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