Man’s Best Friend

A dog is a man’s best friend.  I’ve heard that said many times over the years.  Recently, someone sent me a photo of a black lab with the following caption:

Put your dog and your spouse in the trunk of a car for an hour.  When you open the trunk, which one is really happy to see you?

The more I thought about it, the harder I laughed.

My fear of dogs kept me from appreciating the love and affection provided by these four-legged companions for many years.  My anxiety was so strong that hearing the chain from a leash approaching behind me would send me into a panic.  Friends and family knew that I would remain sitting in the car until their extended family member was locked securely behind a door.

In full disclosure, I must admit that I even offered up my daughter for protection when a Doberman came charging at me while completing a 10K walk.  What can I say, fear can make a maniac out of a normally protective mother, besides, Laura loved dogs more than people when she was a teenager.

About three years ago, my husband brought home a black lab pup for my daughter.  He was the runt of the litter and cute as any kitten I ever held.  We bonded.  I now have a grand dog who visits on a regular basis, all sixty pounds of him.  He can be playful and affectionate and I am completely comfortable in his presence.  He is definitely a man’s dog, though.  There is an order of precedence, Daniel (Laura’s mate), Wart (my husband), Laura and if no one else offers him the attention, me, but that is ok, because at the end of the day, he is always happy to see one of us even if he has been locked in his cage for an hour or more.

You can read more about Hammie and his playful antics in my book, Peaks and Valleys, which is available on and Kindle.

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