Weekly Writing Challenge – A Splash of Color – Nature Delivers Best

As an author and poet, I often am challenged to find the perfect adjective to stir the imagination or bring life to a scene.  Whether I resort to looking at a box of crayons for inspiration or scan my reference list,  I am humbled and struggle to imitate the natural world as it surrounds me.

I browsed my archive of photographs searching for memorable colorful descriptions to share with other bloggers.  After studying a snapshot, I closed my eyes and tried to envision the picture, focusing on the color details.

It took a few attempts to filter out the distraction of trying to describe the item in the photo.  It is an exercise that I will use in the future when I need to draw my reader into a Splash of Color.  So now I challenge you to do the same and provide me with your vision for the two photos below that do not have a caption.

Black stained glass graces the tangerine wings that rest upon mossy green foliage while hints of dandelion yellow tickle about